With our permanent fixture of “Artists on Rotation” we have committed the entire Ford Gallery, year round, as a vessel to propel the undeniable power of that, which art brings. 

Currently 35 of our “Artists on Rotation” individual works hang upon our walls, each one available to purchase for a limited amount of time before being replaced with a new piece of work from the same Artist for the next rotation. 

Our aim is to remove some of the traditional barriers of acquiring original art and reaffirm that anyone can be an art collector, whether their barrier be financial or geographic. So whether it be a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, each rotation will present them with an eclectic mix of original art of varying styles and mediums. This fusion of diverse works, along with a range of price points, allows new opportunities to connect with both emerging and established artists of the Pacific Northwest. 

Along with offering viewings by appointment at our brick and mortar gallery, we also have the online gallery shop, to view and purchase the work that hangs in the gallery plus additional original art and prints from our current “Artists on Rotation”. 


We are honoured to be a member of this magnificent Portland art community and so very grateful to our “Artists on Rotation” for their tremendous talent and their faith in us.

Thank you.

From all of us at The Gallery.