For our Artist Spotlight series, I subject our rotation artists to a mini inquisition of sorts, and there is one question I always pose which never fails to provoke a passionate response; “What do you do when you make a mistake”. The answers I receive would create their own fascinating blog series, because, in the end it’s all in what a ‘mistake’ means to you.

For us at the gallery a ‘mistake’ is an opportunity to make things better. It takes time to straighten out a new strategy for any business, especially as we all navigate new rules and new restrictions. Have we had the occasional growing pain? Of course! Have we learned from them? Without a doubt. But just because I may have accidentally broken the gallery website for a small amount of time, it by no means stopped us, not even for a second. We embraced the chance to evolve and turn this permanent exhibit of Artists on Rotation to where it is today.

It’s been 4 months since the inaugural rotation and we have managed to create something so remarkably special, that on April 30th our 3rd collection of works will be officially announced.

So with that, preparations for the next rotation are in full swing. As our incoming artists are receiving their acceptance notifications, the current group of “Artists on Rotation” are mulling over which of their works will be the next piece they bring to hang on our gallery walls.

Be ready for a feast of new work coming April 30th.

It’s a thrill to be a part of this and we are honoured to be involved in this magnificent Portland art community. 

Thank you!

From all of us at the gallery