Messengers – David Ezziddine – 12 x 16 Print Signed/#


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12 x 16  Print Signed/# By artist

The size listed includes a white border to fit standard size frames without the need for matting.

All prints are on archival, museum quality, 100% acid free cotton-rag fine art paper.

This woman is not only a prophet, but is the personification of knowledge. Her ancient eyes have seen everything, hence her weary demeanor. The hummingbirds carry her knowledge to those who are willing to hear. They are sturdy, fast and capable of evading the powers of those who aim to obscure the message.

In one hand, she carries a fragment of blue cloth covered in golden stars, and a blood-stained jaw bone in the other. The former is a sign that her knowledge is true and infinite. The latter is inspired by the biblical story of Samson; however, here it is symbolic of the victory of truth and wisdom over deception and lies.

“Messengers” is the first work in this series focused on events occurring at a crossroads of realities, where the physical and spiritual realms mingle and blend